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Helping clients to create sustainable value

It's ReVal

ReVal is founded by Industry Veterans to provide a one stop platform to our esteemed clients to find solutions to their challenges in Mineral Sector. Our experts brings together experience of entire life cycle of mining business right from locating potential mineral zone till mineral is fed to plant and mine closure.


We are working with our clients bringing together management, commercial, financial and technical skills combined with experience of operating mining projects in various geographies across different minerals and thus providing wholistic and practically implementable solutions which senior management of clients can relate to.


Our objective is to help our clients Realise Value, Reassure Valued Stakeholder, Revalidate existing plans and operations to maximise value to Shareholders and hence we are ReVal.


Our objects are reflected in our values:

  • Innovation – We focus on bringing innovative ideas and solutions to client to address root cause  by involving our experts from diverse background

  • Trust – Our focus is to build a long term trustworthy relationship with our clients, with our people and also provide solutions which when implemented help client establish trust with stakeholder

  • Sustainability – Our solutions are focused on providing long term and sustainable outcomes to our clients and society at large by resource conservation, enhanced recovery and least cost to reduce carbon footprint​. 

We are ReVal

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